Dandelion Route

Dandelion loveDandelion Love

Since he was a tiny little boy my son, Cooper Pax has been picking his Mama Wolf little yellow flowers. He has such a big heart and it melts me each and every time that I am presented with a single yellow flower and a big smile full of love. Those flowers are of course Dandelions. They are also great fun to blow and make a wish with once they’ve gone to seed! I’m sure there is many a mother out there who has fond memories of their children picking them dandelions.

It’s only recently that I have discovered the health benefits and that I could even throw it in a salad or smoothie to consume it. Better yet, even make a homemade ice tea with the flowers.

It is more commonly known as a weed, but this hardy plant has amazing nutritional benefits and healing properties. All the parts of this plant can be used from the roots, leaves, stem to the flower.

dandelionThe Health Benefits:

  1. Contains calcium which is great for bone health
  2. Fights skin infections. The milky white substance that you get on your fingers when you pick the flower has great healing properties for things such as psoriasis and eczema.
  3. High in fiber making them beneficial for digestion and intestinal health.
  4. Good source of Vitamin A which plays an important role in maintaining healthy vision and brain function.
  5. Dandelion root has a natural diuretic effect, this allows your liver to more quickly eliminate toxins. ( you pee more!)
  6. High in antioxidants, preventing certain types of cell damage and so is great anti-aging.
  7. High in Vitamin K – playing an important role in bone and heart health. It also helps maintain brain function and a healthy metabolism. It also has an important role in blood clotting and so plays an important role in menstrual bleeding.

 Dandelion Iced Tea Recipe


For this tea, you can either pick your own dandelions or buy the tea bags/loose tea leaves from a health store. The amounts are entirely up to you, taste as you go and experiment and have fun with it.

  • Dandelion flowers (or tea bags/ loose tea leaves – can be bought from a health shop)
  • Sweetener of choice (Raw Honey is my favourite or Stevia)
  • Mint leaves or Cinnamon sticks (optional for taste)
  • 1 lemon or lime, also for taste and completely optional.


dandelion flower

  1. Pick the dandelions fresh and rinse well with cold water. (Don’t pick dandelions from areas where pesticides have been sprayed or animals may have pooped.)
  2. Boil your water and pour into a jar, jug, tea pot, or bowl (depending on the quantity you are wanting to make) Mix with the sweetener of your choice.
  3. Add the Dandelion flowers and mix gently.
  4. If adding mint leaves or cinnamon, lemons etc add in now.
  5. Refrigerate for at least 5-6 hours or until completely chilled and serve. You can strain out the flowers or pour them into the cups.
  6. The longer you leave it the stronger the taste, some people find it quite bitter if left too long.

This would be a great way to teach your children about the abundance of nature, its benefits to us as humans as well as making a healthy and tasty ice-tea with them for those hot summer days.

You can check out this week’s vlog on my youtube channel for more on the dandelion route and some other exciting goodies.

Love and health,

“Mama Wolf” x

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