New Year, New You

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Happy New Year everyone! 2017! As with every new year, many of us have resolutions or goals or grand ideas. There’s something so refreshing and magical about a new beginning a chance to start over. What’s most important is that you’re in the right mind space and you know where you are going. 2017 is a big map laid out in front of you and you get to choose which direction you go in. But before you leave, you need to get ready!

Something I’ve been battling with, I feel like my son is all organised and ready for his new school year, he’s ready to start traveling and making marks on his map of 2017, and I’m left behind still getting ready. (often as parents we put our children first and forget to take care of ourselves) So I made a list of a few things that could put me in the right place to start my journey and I thought I’d share them with you all. Hopefully, some of these can get you in the right space to owning this year!

A Morning Routine

So the holidays are over and school has started, this certainly makes having a routine much easier I find. But more than that a routine will set you up for the day ahead. Even if they are simple and small daily things that you do, it will honestly make a difference. Write out your ideal morning routine and then give it a try. It won’t be perfect, trust me I know. I’m still working on mine, and have yet to say I am a master of my mornings. But you can do little things, small steps towards achieving it and once you’ve got it down pat- well you’ll be ready to conquer anything the day may throw at you!

I’ve given my son a routine checklist for him to tick off in the mornings before we head out to school, he seems to be really thriving off of it. Its given him some order as well as independence and I haven’t had to nag about getting ready and things done/packed. I’m thinking I should maybe do the same for myself 😉

Some suggestions of what to add to your morning routine: 

  • A glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice ( this has many benefits and I find just helps to get my system going)
  • meditation (even just 15 minutes to yourself)
  • stretch session (this can be basic, get your body mobile and ready for the day ahead)
  • Earthing
  • reading (10-20 minutes)

A Daily Green Smoothie

I honestly find this is one of the best ways to pack a whole bunch of nutrients into my daily diet or food intake. It is delicious- most of the time. And I know I’m getting in greens, healthy fats, protein, and all kinds of exciting goodies that will energise me for the day ahead.  The trick is mixing it up and keeping it exciting. Don’t put the same ingredients in every day. It’s not ideal for your body and you’ll get tired of having the same old smoothie every day. I really do prefer smoothies to juices because you get more fiber and whole goodness out of them.

Suggestions of what to throw into your green monster of nourishment:

  • Greens such as; Spinach, Swiss Chard, Kale, Parsley (love it for the skin), mint leaves etc
  • Chia seedsgreen smoothie
  • Fruit ( only put in what you’d actually consume ie: 1 banana not 6!)
  • Nut butters
  • coconut water/ milk/cream
  • Avocado for a smooth and creamy smoothie
  • Kefir
  • Kombucha
  • spice options: turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne pepper
  • Spirulina
  • Wazoogles (great natural protein powder)
  • raw egg (yup this is something I do)
  • cocoa powder

Get creative with it! I often throw in Vit D and probiotics as a boost for myself and my son. Just keep it exciting and Fresh!

Microdermabrasion – what now!?

noun: microdermabrasion
  1. a cosmetic treatment in which the face is sprayed with exfoliant crystals to remove dead epidermal cells.

Feeling good in your skin is always a win and bound to put you in a good place to feeling great about yourself and the journey ahead. So why not rub off and wash away the last years trials and tribulations with this amazing home-made spa treatment that will leave your skin feeling baby soft and silky smooth- seriously! You’d pay a lot of money at a spa for this kind of treatment, but this at home recipe is healthy and cheap. It doesn’t take long to do and you can do it before your shower.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup Bicarbonate of Soda
  • 1/2 cup Epsom salts
  • 3 tablespoons of body wash (optional)
  • Few tablespoons of water

In a bowl mix together the dry ingredients add in the body wash if using (I prefer organic, moisturizing body wash products) And slowly add the water to create a paste. Strip down and climb into the shower with the bowl and start rubbing yourself down from tip to toe! Just before I’m about to switch the shower on to rinse it all off I do a quick and very gentle facial exfoliation. Rinse off and marvel at the goddess you have now discovered!

New Year New YouDo ONE thing for you!

In order for anyone to be at their best, they have to take care of themselves. This seems to be a lesson I am continuously reminded of or rather learning. I often give of myself, my time, my hard earned money to my son or friends or family. But not often enough do I give back to me. This leaves you feeling drained and unfulfilled. So whether you’re a parent or not, take care of yourself so that you can give of your very best to the world and the people in your lives.

If that means you decide that this year you want to have a regular coffee date with a friend or weekly time to yourself to read or write or journal. A dance class, or yoga. Whatever it may be, give yourself permission and make it happen. you’ll feel better for it and it will ripple effect into your daily lives.

Play the NO game:no game

I leave you with this epic idea! This is something I recently joined and I love the idea, celebrating our NO’S. It’s going to encourage you to step out of your comfort zones and make some pretty neat progress in your daily lives. I won’t say much more than that but rather leave you this link: The NO Game.  Go check it out and join in the game!

Here’s to an Incredible 2017! I hope to bring you many exciting things this year.

Love and health,

“Mama Wolf” x

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