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Problem skin? I know all about it, until I found out about Oil Cleansing that is. I have suffered for years from teenage acne, to food intolerances, rashes, dry skin, allergies and seasonal changes. This has meant trying many a product and technique to try and find some sort of skin care product or regime that agreed with my incredibly sensitive skin.

From expensive brands to local and natural I tried it all, but the best thing I have found to 20160808_155001cleanse, heal and moisturise my skin has got to be oil. Yes that’s right, oil! Some of you may be thinking well that’s absurd, or my skin is already so oily. Fear not: the trick is in understanding your oils and looking for that secret ingredient that makes finding the right oil for your skin a dream.

Before I go into it though, let me just remind you that the food you’re eating, the creams you’re using, the pill/ hormones you’re taking and the stress you may be feeling will all have an effect on your skin. The best advice I can give you, and I’m sure you already know this; stay hydrated and drink plenty of water!

I have an incredibly dry and sensitive skin, but I realise this is not the case for everyone. I’ve had people say to me oh but I have such oily skin already. The trick here is in knowing and understanding your oils and what you’re looking for:
A) oleic- acid
B) linoleic- acid
Oils are made up of combinations and different percentages of fatty acids. It is these differences in the fatty acids that will determine which oil is suitable for your skin type. Although a lot of people are loving Coconut oil at the moment, this is one all I might stay away from when it comes to cleansing your face with. Rather keep it for moisturising your body, cooking with, smoothies, or oil pulling.  Coconut oil contains a fatty acid called caprylic triglyceride, which can be a serious acne trigger for some.  The two important fatty acids you want to know and be looking for in your oils is Oelic acid and linoleic acid.

Oelic acid makes oils richer and more dense, sealing in moisture really effectively. These oils are great for people with very dry skin, and probably best used at night. Some examples are:  Almond oil, Avocado oil, Safflower oil.

For those concerned with aging skin there are some oelic rich oils that are also rich in antioxidants such as: Rose hip oil, Argan oil, Camelia oil and Marula oil.
While High-oelic oils are great for some skin types; those who are prone to acne, have very sensitive skin or other skin conditions such as rosacea may find that the high-oelic oils make matters worse.
Instead these people should rather look for oils that are high in linoelic acid.

Linoleic acid you will find makes for a lighter, thinner oil. These oils will still cleanse and moisturise the skin, but for a dry or delicate skin it may not be suitable.
For those with oily skin an oil such as: sesame seed oil, grapeseed oil or castor oil can actually help to cleanse and dry out the skin, yet still be somewhat moisturising.
For those with sensitive skin that may need more moisture an oil blend is great, this is what I do. You can play around and make your own mixtures, so long as you know your oils.  Another thing to keep in mind is that your oil blend (if purchased from a shop) should NOT have essential oils such as lavendar and citrus oils in as these can be highly irritating to the skin.

How to Oil cleanse: 

 1. Start by washing your hands, you really dont want to be cleaning your face with grubby fingers.
oil cleansing oil mix
2.  Take your oil of choice, (I have my blend of oils in a small spray bottle) and spray onto your fingers, gently massaging it all over your face and neck for a minute or two.


3. Rinse your face cloth in warm (not piping hot) water and cover your face with it for a minute to open the pores slightly by “steaming”.  Gently wipe your face and neck clean with the cloth.


4. DO NOT re-use the face cloth, as you’ll see it’s not a great idea with the dirt and germs that collect to be re-using your cloth. I like to buy about 12 cloths and use a new, clean one each time.

5. Leave your skin to air dry for a minute or so, then go ahead and apply your moisturizer if you still feel you need to or make- up etc.

Why does Oil cleansing work:

baby cloths
I like to buy baby face cloths as they are a great size and super soft.
As explained on this website dedicated to the oil cleansing method:

“The basic concept of this skin care and cleansing method is that the oil used to massage your skin will dissolve the oil that has hardened with impurities and found itself stuck in your pores. The steam will open your pores, allowing the oil to be easily removed.”

So basically like clears like. If you really think about it, we are trying to clean clogged oily pores with water and other cleansers when really we know that oil and water don’t mix.

If you have any questions, or want to get in touch please do. I love hearing from you! Or simply share your thoughts below.

Love and health,

“Mama Wolf” x

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