The whole world is a rose

“The Whole world is a Rose”– Cooper Pax



Your Health is not just simply the food that you eat or the exercise you do, the amount of water you drink or the restful sleep you get each night. It’s a mindset, a way of life, it is spiritual, physical, mental and a daily choice we have to make small yet important decisions towards enhancing this life we live.  It is for this exact reason that I’ve decided to share with you all something the ‘pack’ does each night as a way of enhancing our lives, and essentially our health too.

I started this years ago with my son, and yes we have missed some nights and that’s okay. However, it has become such a daily habit that it now feels strange if we miss it. So much so that even if we are apart for whatever reason we will still send a voice note, text message, video, hangout call whatever it is just to share this special moment together each day.  In fact, if we happen to have guests or friends over at the time we include them in Rose and Thorn too.

It is not entirely my idea, I can’t remember where I first came across it, but we’ve adapted it to suit us and you can too. Whether it’s something you do alone and write in a journal, or share it with family or friends, it is definitely going to change the way you see each day.

Rose and Thorn

So the idea is that each person takes a turn saying their Roses (positive things that have happened in their day) and Thorns (negatives that may have happened that day).

The Rules: They’re simple!

  • You can start with either your roses or thorns, the choice is yours.
  • There doesn’t have to be a Thorn from your day.
  • There ALWAYS has to be a Rose/Roses.

The idea behind this is that it allows each person to firstly share any negatives or something that may be worrying them from their day. For me with my son, I thought it would be a great platform to allow him to express himself or share anything that may be worrying him. It allows him to have a safe space where he can talk about things that may be concerning him. We can then talk through them together and help each other. Sometimes I will even point out to him why something doesn’t have to be seen as a thorn, which teaches him to look at life differently.

I have seen a huge difference in the way he looks at things now, for example; Just the other day he had accidentally kicked his new ball over the wall and onto the neighbours roof, he had asked if I could please get it for him before he went away camping for the weekend with my parents. The day ran away with me and I didn’t end up having time to try and retrieve his ball for him before he left to go camping. Yes, I felt bad about this and I apologized to him before they left. That night he sent a bear grills style video to us from the campsite for Rose and Thorn and said that “My only thorn is that we couldn’t get my ball, but I know we didn’t have enough time, love you bye!”  He had acknowledged that it wasn’t the end of his world that he didn’t have his ball, and that sometimes we can’t do or have everything and that’s okay, why because he had pointed out all the roses from his day.

Rose and Thorn
This little picture is stuck up under the light switch in my little man’s room as a reminder to do Rose and Thorn each night. We no longer need it as it has become such an important part of our day.

How often do children come home from school and you’ll ask them ‘How was your day?’ and the response is more often than not “fine/good/yeah.” I’ve found that often at Rose and Thorn my little man opens up and shares stories from his day, and it is such a treat!

By saying his Roses he learns to show gratitude for the things he has in his life, whether its cuddles with his little dog Henry each night or that ‘Mama Wolf’ made Sweet potato for dinner. It also shows him that no matter how big a thorn or how many thorns he may have had that day, there is always a Rose, a silver lining if you will, to be grateful for. This way, each night he goes to bed with gratitude and a positive mind, that although today may have been tough it still had a few roses and tomorrow will be just fine too because every day has a Rose!

Why not give it a try, write it down in a journal each day, or share it with someone you love. It is truly a powerful tool that anyone can use each day to change the way we see our lives. Believe me or not, this will have an impact on your overall health and happiness.

Here’s wishing you a day full of Roses!

Love and Health,

“Mama Wolf” x

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